Heliovaas Latest Solar Farm to Fuel West Bridgewater Municipal and School Buildings - More than $1.5 million in energy costs projected over 15 years

West Bridgewater, MA – Heliovaas, a Springfield - based green energy developer, today held a ribbon cutting for its latest project - a 1.87 megawatt solar farm that will power public buildings in the Town of West Bridgewater. The project, which is among the largest projects in the State and is located on the former driving range owned by the Asack family on North Main Street, provides the town long-term cost savings and helps reduce its carbon foot print.

The ground-mounted solar farm produces approximately 2.3 million kilowatt hours of energy per-year, (enough energy to power 306 homes for one year), and it is expected to provide the town with approximately $1.5 million in energy cost savings over the next 15 years. The power will be used throughout the town in schools and municipal buildings.

“The Solar Farm is a win for everyone. The town is the beneficiary of low cost power, the community benefits from local green-collar jobs, the environment benefits from reduced greenhouse gases, and the site offers an educational opportunity for children and adults,” said Samir Dube, managing partner of Heliovaas. “We are pleased to partner with the Town of West Bridgewater to provide them with a green initiative that brings positive change in their community.”

The 7-acre solar farm at 265 North Main Street, is located on a former golf driving range, and will provide significant greenhouse gas benefits. The energy output from this project is equivalent to:

• Offsetting 2.7 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year 

• The annual greenhouse gas emissions from 258 passenger vehicles 

• Carbon sequestered annually by 1,015 acres of US forests

“First, I would like to welcome Heliovaas to the Town of West Bridgewater and thank Mr. Phil Asack for utilizing his land. We are looking forward to a long term beneficial relationship. This solar farm allows the town to reduce its expenses and save the taxpayer some money. Heliovaas and Mr. Asack have been great partners to work with; they have agreed to not only provide an educational kiosk for all our town residents to use in order to learn more about solar power, but they have also agreed to properly screen the area so the solar panels will not be visible from the street. This is a great day for the Town of West Bridgewater,” said Eldon Moreira, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.


About Heliovaas

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